Monday, December 15

Monday, November 17

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Tata Gala Show (Breast Cancer Study Fund)

Hey guys! I heard the Tata gala was a success. I wasn't able to go but I wanted to post my entry. Hope everyone had an awesome time at the art show. Thanks to Eric Jones for the opportunity! Not only did students benefit but breast cancer studies benefited also. Good Job!

Tuesday, November 4

Illustration #4 (Update for Hodges Class)

Update: This is my fourth major illustration this semester. I decided to do this piece because I love doing pieces on diversity and chowing down... and what better way to show food and diversity than to put everyone in a fun atmosphere (carnival) that everyone can relate to. Everyone loves to eat!

Bon Appetit :)

Monday, November 3

Jelly Roll Morton

A portrait of the blues pianist, Jelly Roll Morton.

Sunday, November 2

Kids Clothing

I'm starting my own kids clothing collection. Updates coming soon!

Monday, October 13

Touched Up Artwork for Kobernick Show

UPDATE: The Kobernick Art show was great! I sold the original portrait of Eubie (below), a print of my Obama caricature and tons of greetings cards with cupcakes on them. It was a very interesting and stressful the past few days but it was worth it! I also made some very interesting connections with established artists. Cupcake sketches/ watercolor I did on an empty stomach. Would I lovee to have a cupcake right now.

Subway (Hodges Illustration)

Park Walk (Hodges Illustration)

Cupcakes (Warped)

Eubie Blake (Ragtime Pianist)

Barack Obama (Presidential Candidate)

Dizzie Gillespie (Trumpet Player)

Congratulations to Sarah Bigelow, Max Marin, Jacob Neagle, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Ariel Hardwick, Rebecca Wyke, Andrea Bowman, Daniel Diaz, Sam Nagel, Tracy Vinopal, Ashley Lovett, and Alberto Villa for getting into Kobernick Art Show! The show will be held on Saturday, October 18th at the Kobernick House. Best of luck to the students who will be selling artwork on that day!!


At first I was just making some art to go in my mom's kitchen but now I'm thinking about selling a few of these at the Kobernick Art Show this week.

Friday, October 3

Illustration #2 (Hodges) Update

A rough color study. It will be painted in acrylics.

... Thinking about cropping it. I think it's too much space on the right side.

Grey scale of second project. It's a story about some kids "jacking" an ice cream truck... poor things suffer the consequences when the ice cream lady catches up in the end. Ice cream and money coming out of pockets are not apparent right now but the color study will have more detail. I'm also going to make the values on the ice cream lady pop out way more in the color study. Any suggestions? Feel free to give brutal critiques, many have really helped me out in the past! :D

Monday, September 29

Register to Vote!

I ended up turning this in for 'Art the Vote' contest. It might be turned into a postcard.

Random political piece that I'm still working on. Any suggestions? :p

Monday, September 22

City Blues

My True Story

This piece was inspired by the children growing up running the streets in parts of Miami like 'Liberty City' and parts of Downtown Miami. If you don't live in Miami, you most likely have never seen these parts of the city. This is where police are hard to find and where mother's struggle to get their kids away from... but don't be too quick to judge this book by its cover, these parts have the best food and a community bond that you'll never feel anywhere else.

Thursday, September 18

Illustration #1 (Hodges) Update

Im so happy we get to choose our own assignments. For the longest time, I've wanted to do fashion illustrations for hip hop magazines such as essence and source. For my first project I did exactly that. The one that I am turning in for class on Tuesday is the top one. Just finished it and so relieved! I'm still working on the bottom one, It should be done real soon. Pardon the cheap camera, some of the colors and values are off :p

Doing two can be stressful but its good because if I get sick of one, I'll just continue painting the other. These will be printed out in color and serve as an underground painting. I cant wait to get started!

Tuesday, September 16

Jellyfish Jelly

I heart jellyfish... I wonder how they taste.

Sunday, September 14

Illest of Ill Poster Submission

I did this over the weekend. It's my version of the the illest of ill poster. If the illest group decides to use it, cool... if they don't, its all good. I still had acrylic and photoshop fun with it! Hahaa Luis this piece is dedicated to you, one of the only people who can use the burn n dodge tool efficiently!

Thursday, September 11

Chicken Pot Pie

Yummy chicken pot pies are my favorite pre-made college food. Especially the ones that have creamy chicken w/ veggies mmmmmmm! In this project I made my subject, 'food' and did it within an hour. I played with the burn n dodge tools, I find it interesting but not planning to use it too much. That tool has already been over-used.

Wednesday, September 10

Frozen Octopi

I don't even know if an octopus can become frozen in cold weather. Once again just wishing it was cool down here in Sarasota. I tried to make it seem as if the penguin was standing on a frozen body of water. Do you guys get that? or should I change it...

Monday, September 8

Random Seasonal Art

Just burnin' up in Sarasota, wishing I was in the snow.... actually I've never been in snow. I am definitely going to start posting random drawings and doodles daily.

Sunday, September 7

Fashion Illus In Progress

Final Color Study

Finally I've decided to do both of the scenes (below) but above is this composition that I'll be turning in for my first illustration. So far I'm really loving my illustration class, everyone's been so helpful. The above scene will be altered and the character on the right will be distorted a bit more.

Hey guys, need some help picking which composition I want for my first project. The thumbnails are still n the works, I'm thinking about adding a third person on the subway seen. Its gonna be about hip hop fashion illustration. I tried to leave the lower right corners blank for writing or logo. I don't know what media I will be using yet. I'll post the final thumbnail later.

Monday, September 1

Party Poopers

Once in a while I try to crank out something cute yet disgusting :) and to all you graphic designers, please dont be too critical of the "party" font. Atleast it's not papyrus! heehee

Saturday, August 30

Back Again

Ahhhh!!!! Omg! I'm a senior!

Friday, May 23

Watercolor play

This summer I just decided to re-introduce myself to watercolor and color pencil. These are two mediums that I haven't touched in over two years. The kids are my perception of the kids in my neighborhood. There's always a party-pooper, a kid jump roping and a glamor chick. I don't know where I'm going with this style, its just a very relaxing pass time. Miss you Ringling friends!!!!!

Saturday, April 12

One-Day Randomness

Weird man playing drum with weird animals surrounding him. This is how I procrastinate from other homework. I think I'll be doing a lot of this over the summer.

Friday, March 28

Easter Fun

Easter characters: I love long stick legs :)

Cutesy Font

Random Font