Saturday, April 12

One-Day Randomness

Weird man playing drum with weird animals surrounding him. This is how I procrastinate from other homework. I think I'll be doing a lot of this over the summer.


  1. the things in the back ground look like the hallmark dogs yo yo and whatever. I would watch the distortion you're trying out, it looks like you took an image and distorted it in photoshop and copied it. Specifically watch out in the face, that's where it's the most awkward. And make sure you're not over doing the arms. It looks like you went a little highlight crazy. Just be careful highlights are a sensitive area and easy to get carried away

  2. Nila! You rock don't stop posting, ever.

  3. Hi there! i dont know how to reply back on Blog, so i'll just reply on this lovely illustration. I'm glad that you liked the satire of our favorite security guard. I asked him if i could get one picture of him and he told me "No" twice. I should have taken it and ran, but didnt. I had to play secret agent. Later, i got a friend to take some pictures ""of me"" and he was in the background.Anyways, I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the comment :). By the way, i really like the patterns and textures you used in this illustration. It worked out really nice. Good job.