Sunday, September 7

Fashion Illus In Progress

Final Color Study

Finally I've decided to do both of the scenes (below) but above is this composition that I'll be turning in for my first illustration. So far I'm really loving my illustration class, everyone's been so helpful. The above scene will be altered and the character on the right will be distorted a bit more.

Hey guys, need some help picking which composition I want for my first project. The thumbnails are still n the works, I'm thinking about adding a third person on the subway seen. Its gonna be about hip hop fashion illustration. I tried to leave the lower right corners blank for writing or logo. I don't know what media I will be using yet. I'll post the final thumbnail later.


  1. Hey Nila, this is Matt from Illust. I really like both the thumbnails. The slant the characters lean on in the 2nd is intriguing, and the subway idea is cool. However after thinking about it, I think I'm going to settle for the street scene. There seems to be more of a wealth of ideas thats could be taking place around the figures in the environment, such as "side walk chalk, hop scotch," graffiti on buildings and even that ice cream truck! and even just the texture of the exterior of the buildings. So, I think Im going with the first one. Seems like that environment has a lot of potential, and Im thinking back to what I've seen in detroit as a motive for the piece. Hope that helps. We'll talk more about it if you want.

  2. I should I agree with Matt. Plus that it portrays both guy and girl so, it's equal for both genders (unless for the subway one you have more variations with both genders 'cause it's convenient how both characters stand in the composition).
    :D Go Nila! My vote goes for the first one.

  3. hey nila!

    the second one for me is just a tad bit more interesting, but then again i really enjoy the ice cream idea, which is more interesting and unexpected than the subway theme. i think what i like about the second one is the cropping, really, so if you were to crop the first one a bit at the bottom or maybe in some other interesting way i'd say that one. and though you're probably already thinking it, the ice cream truck is something of a third character, so you wouldn't need a third person for that first idea - just so long as the truck has appealing colors and such.

    can't wait to see the final!

  4. Hey Nila,
    your stuff is pretty kool, ive been meaning to tell you that for a while and keep forgetting. Anyway, good stuff, im linking you... have a great day!