Friday, October 3

Illustration #2 (Hodges) Update

A rough color study. It will be painted in acrylics.

... Thinking about cropping it. I think it's too much space on the right side.

Grey scale of second project. It's a story about some kids "jacking" an ice cream truck... poor things suffer the consequences when the ice cream lady catches up in the end. Ice cream and money coming out of pockets are not apparent right now but the color study will have more detail. I'm also going to make the values on the ice cream lady pop out way more in the color study. Any suggestions? Feel free to give brutal critiques, many have really helped me out in the past! :D


  1. Make sure you don't loose to much focus on the person in the back ground lol. Can't wait to see the final

  2. The final pieces that you entered in for the show was awesome, definitly put the new ones up.
    Good Job girl I'm proud of you

  3. the pieces in illest were ROCKIN! and your banner on your bloggy is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen!


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