Monday, October 13

Touched Up Artwork for Kobernick Show

UPDATE: The Kobernick Art show was great! I sold the original portrait of Eubie (below), a print of my Obama caricature and tons of greetings cards with cupcakes on them. It was a very interesting and stressful the past few days but it was worth it! I also made some very interesting connections with established artists. Cupcake sketches/ watercolor I did on an empty stomach. Would I lovee to have a cupcake right now.

Subway (Hodges Illustration)

Park Walk (Hodges Illustration)

Cupcakes (Warped)

Eubie Blake (Ragtime Pianist)

Barack Obama (Presidential Candidate)

Dizzie Gillespie (Trumpet Player)

Congratulations to Sarah Bigelow, Max Marin, Jacob Neagle, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Ariel Hardwick, Rebecca Wyke, Andrea Bowman, Daniel Diaz, Sam Nagel, Tracy Vinopal, Ashley Lovett, and Alberto Villa for getting into Kobernick Art Show! The show will be held on Saturday, October 18th at the Kobernick House. Best of luck to the students who will be selling artwork on that day!!


  1. Do you use liquefy in photoshop to get these effects or just paint them out of your head like that?

  2. Now Thats what I'm talking about I love those cup cakes i just want to eat them. Go gurl and the political show is going to be awesome.

  3. Your great use of silhouette bold, color shapes, and vectors/ compositional elements are inspiring~

    I can not wait to see you thesis...

  4. those cupcakes are awesome, really good idea to have the recipe in the background... I bet they will sell fast at the show!

  5. man ur like the only one who comments on my blog , what gives ??? if i draw some cupcakes would ppl comment on my stuff too ?1ol , :(

  6. sweet stuff!!!! I'm IN LOVE with those cupcakes... yum yum

  7. Love the Eubie Blake piece. They're all pretty cool. Especially the cupcakes, since my current Concept project is about cupcakes :D!!