Monday, November 17

Website Coming Soon!!!

Tata Gala Show (Breast Cancer Study Fund)

Hey guys! I heard the Tata gala was a success. I wasn't able to go but I wanted to post my entry. Hope everyone had an awesome time at the art show. Thanks to Eric Jones for the opportunity! Not only did students benefit but breast cancer studies benefited also. Good Job!

Tuesday, November 4

Illustration #4 (Update for Hodges Class)

Update: This is my fourth major illustration this semester. I decided to do this piece because I love doing pieces on diversity and chowing down... and what better way to show food and diversity than to put everyone in a fun atmosphere (carnival) that everyone can relate to. Everyone loves to eat!

Bon Appetit :)

Monday, November 3

Jelly Roll Morton

A portrait of the blues pianist, Jelly Roll Morton.

Sunday, November 2

Kids Clothing

I'm starting my own kids clothing collection. Updates coming soon!