Friday, March 28

Easter Fun

Easter characters: I love long stick legs :)

Cutesy Font

Random Font

The Emotions in Food

Little spot illustrations I randomly came up with.

Tuesday, March 18

Comp Ill Photoshop Assignment

His name is Garett. He's a little kid who is stuck in a costume. He loves slurpies and going to the fair. For some reason he always end up in trouble.

Thursday, March 13

Happy Easter

Quick illustration for the holidays

Wednesday, March 12

Nila it's not Halloween

Random seasonal patterns in progress :)

Tuesday, March 11

I heart kids in costume!

Comp Ill photoshop assignment. Just a few character color studies.

Monday, March 10

One of a Three Part Series

This one is about hunger in Africa. I'm also doing two more... probably one about China and one I haven't thought about yet.

Circus Spots

Computer illustration spots for Gomien's class. I've been meaning to fix to the problem with the elephant's hat and the circus tent ghost.. Are the colors too much?

Maori Computer Illustration Portrait

This was my computer illustration portrait. Mr. Gomien thought I was crazy for doing a portrait with tattoos in the face. I thought I was crazy too.

PS... its a he. It's tradition for Maori men to wear earrings. Thats kinda funky!

Sunday, March 9

I Heart Elephants

I don't know why, but I'm really starting to get into cutesy things. If you guys have any cutesy webs sights, please share them with me :)

Tuesday, March 4

Im Hungry

A sketch for my second political illustration piece.

An assignment for Thiel on politics in general. Instead of the doing something on US, I thought of how people are governed in Africa.

Cutesy Fun!

These are some animals an things that I played with over the weekend. (Above Safari animals)

Doggie went poopoo.

Really starting to get into children's pattern.

Monday, March 3

Society of Illustrators Entries

I entered this piece in Society of Illustrators. Just a random acrylic assignment that I pushed out one night. I found this funky flower pattern... I just had to use it!

Another piece that I entered in Society of Illustrators this year. His name is Eubie Blake, a very popular piano player of ragtime. This was a portrait assignment for Thiel.