Thursday, August 20

Argonia War Vehicles

Designed some vehicles that are in an action packed story I'm writing. All four serve a totally different prpose during battle.

Sunday, August 16

Tuesday, August 11

Sax Man

Illustration I did for a tour company in Harlem.

Thursday, August 6

The Good... the Bad... and the Hideous

I can't wait to get a reliable scanner! I have about 20 facial sketches that I want to scan in. The three studies above were just some finalized brain-storming sketches on the character I wanted to use for my nerdy pizza man illustration: COMING SOON!

Pizza Delivery (Comp/Color Preliminaries)

Character studies for an illustration that I'm working on. I'm actually thinking of using this character for a story... not sure yet. I've seen computer animation students use silhouette as a compositional tool, I find it to be very helpful!

Tuesday, August 4

Shoe Studies

 prop design. I've always dreamed of working for a theme park in which I could design character-related and environmental objects to fit the theme of a new developing ride. Concept design and prop design in the computer animation industry is awesome also! Working in the concept field is something I definitely plan to pursue!